hey senior photographer...

If you're looking to level up on Instagram, you're in the right place. Instagram is a hard platform to conquer already, and now we have to create reels too?!?!

But why? Why do we need to even worry with reels? Well, because that's the direction Instagram is going. The algorithm is showing favor to video content over still images. And if you want to stand out to your target audience or even be seen at all, you have to play the game Instagram wants you to play. And right now. That's reels.

If you want to up your reels game, keep scrolling.....  

This is a huge collection of reels ideas in 10 different categories. Most of these reel ideas can be used over and over again with different session or client content.

Kick up your feet. Take a load off. And allow me to take the guess work out of creating reels for you! You ready to up your reels game?

YeP, I'm Ready!

WHAT IF you......

Had months worth of Instagram content ideas in one place. 

Saw your engagement go up and your follower count increase. 

Got more inquiries from Instagram because seniors actually saw your content. 

Could stand out on Instagram and reach your ideal client. 

here's what you get

Bonus weekly content guide for social media

Inspiration on how to create the reels.

More than 85 ideas for reels in 10 different categories

you ready to level up the 'gram?

Let's do the thing!