As professional photographers, I believe it is important that we present our clients with the best Client Experience. Part of that includes sending them information on our sessions and pricing in a well-presented, beautiful pricing guide. Personally, I send mine as part of my entire senior magazine, but the pricing guide is included in my magazine.

I know designing these types of guides can be super time consuming and frustrating though. I have created lots of templates in my business, so I am sharing my pricing guides with you. 

here's what you get

Blank guides that are ready for your photos and pricing

My exact guides I use in my business with my clients

Three different style templates that are editable in Canva

This is a huge collection of reels ideas in 10 different categories. Most of these reel ideas can be used over and over again with different session or client content.

Kick up your feet. Take a load off. And allow me to take the guess work out of creating reels for you! You ready to up your reels game?

YeP, I'm Ready!

you ready to snag the templates?