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3 Reasons to Book a Spring Mini Session

3 reasons to book a spring mini session (if you just did family photos in the fall)

Book a Spring Mini Session

Spring is coming, and it’s the time when your newsfeeds start flooding with all the photographers posting spring mini sessions. It’s likely that you’ll see mini session themes with flowers, Easter eggs, carrots, lambs, goats, and/or rabbits. You might even see mommy and me session ads coming up for Mother’s Day. Seeing all these ads though, you may be wondering why you should spend the money to book a spring mini session when fall photos were not that long ago. As a photographer offering spring mini sessions this year, I wanted to highlight a few reasons to consider book a mini session this spring. 

Your kids change so fast.

When your kids are young, just a few months can make a big difference in their growth. It is such a treasure to be able to capture beautiful images of them all throughout the year so you can remember their features when they’re older. I’ve always heard “the days are long, but the years are short” regarding when your kids are little, and being a mom myself, I understand that phrase. It’s so easy to forget some little things. Having session photos would be a great way to freeze time in their lives. 

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Celebrate your kids.

A lot of the time, fall mini sessions are focused on the whole family, while spring mini sessions tend to be more centered around children. Spring family sessions do happen, but themed sessions for children are super common. Booking a spring mini session can help your child or children feel celebrated since the focus will be all on them. 

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Document their Easter/Spring outfits

It’s so much fun shopping for clothes for our kids, but they outgrow them so quickly. I’ve always loved spring clothes much more than fall, so I having spring photos can capture their cute outfits. If you’re shopping for the perfect Easter outfits, booking a spring mini session is a perfect chance to get more wear out of them and document memories in them. 

Madison MS Motherhood Photographer

These are just a few reasons to book a spring mini session. No matter what theme you would like to see in a mini session, you can probably find a local photographer offering it, and there are photographers in just about every budget. This spring, skip the Starbucks for a couple weeks, and save your money for spring minis. After all, those photos will last a lifetime, and that Starbucks won’t see tomorrow. (Don’t hate me!)

If you would like to book a spring mini session with me, you can head over to my booking calendar and snag a spot here. The sessions will be held at my studio in Brandon on March 26. To check out some of my previous sessions, visit my blog home here.

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