Livingston Senior Photos

Town of Livingston Senior Photo Session | Madison, MS | Macy

If you’ve followed me for any length of time at all, you will know that I love shooting my photo sessions at Livingston. It’s one of my favorite places to do photos because it’s just so beautiful and boasts so many great backdrops. See my other blog posts featuring the Town of Livingston here and here. When Macy told me she wanted to shoot her session in Livingston, I was very excited. We ended up having to go twice because the first time, it rained us out about halfway through. Luckily, we got some amazing shots with her dressed like Cinderella. Scroll down to see the amazing shots from this Livingston senior photo session with Macy.

Can we just appreciate here how much she looks like Cinderella?
Senior Photo Location Ideas
Livingston Senior Photo Session
I am so in love with this shot. It’s gorgeous!
Livingston Senior Photo Session
My goodness, the way her eyes pop here is just stunning! I love this one so much.
Livingston Senior Photo Session
We had so much fun placing all the flowers around her for this shot.
Livingston Senior Photo Session
The close up here just is so gorgeous.
Livingston Senior Photos
I know these are not roses, but when I see this image, I think about Faith Hill’s song Bed of Roses.
Madison MS Senior Photographer
Livingston Senior Photo Session
Town of Livingston Photography
Town of Livingston Senior Photos
The sun glow here is amazing.

Thanks so much for checking out this Livingston Senior Photo Session. If you’re looking to book a senior session with me, I would love to connect with you. You can find more info on my senior sessions here. You can also find me on Instagram here.

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