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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Senior Photographer

Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Senior Photographer

It’s your senior year and you want to celebrate this special time in your life by documenting your senior year with a senior portrait session! I know everyone has a phone that takes pretty good photos. Or maybe some of your friends are dabbling in photography so you might think they could just take your photo! The truth is, though, not everyone with an iPhone or even a camera is a great photographer! And you don’t want to entrust your senior photo shoot to just anyone with a nice camera….you want a professional! As a professional photographer, I have years of experience with capturing this special time in a teenagers life. There is more to capturing a senior and telling their story through a camera than simply clicking the shutter. Here are 5 reasons to hire a professional senior photographer for your senior casual photos.


You may think posing is something that only models and celebrities have to worry about, but the truth is that it’s important for anyone who desires to look their best in pictures. When you’re getting your picture taken by a professional photographer, they’ll know how to work with your body type and facial features to make them look as flattering as possible.

Some people know how to pose well because they’re used to being photographed (models), while others need a little guidance (everyone else). Professional photographers are trained in both areas so they can help guide their clients into making good choices regarding positioning and expression. We also know how to create a gallery full of a variety of different poses.

Lighting & Location

A professional photog knows how to use lighting to capture the best images. We know which lighting looks best, angles to use to maximize good lighting, and how to avoid spotty lighting. We know how to use lighting to give the most even looks that make you look amazing on camera.

Good locations are more than just pretty backdrops: they have a story to tell. A photographer with experience will know what works best for you and your goal for your session ensuring that your photos reflect who you are. A professional photographer will likely know that not all good locations are available at all times of the year. Sometimes location are prettier during certain times of year. A professional will know which places photograph best during the time of your session.

Here’s a post on some of my favorite locations for photos.

Equipment & Editing

Professional photographers have the best equipment to provide a beautiful image that wows you. You might be able to take pretty photos on an iPhone, but those images will never compare to what a professional can take with a professional camera and lens. Pros also know how to edit images in the best way to make you look like a rockstar in your images. Most professional photographers have robust editing software that can really transform an image from just blah to wow. Even so, many of us know how to get the best shot in camera so we know that we can deliver a beautifully edited image in your gallery.

5 reasons to hire a professional senior photographer


When it comes to your senior photos, your outfit is just as important as the location. Pros know how to coordinate outfits based on the type of shoot and the vibe they want to create. This means they can help figure out what looks good on their clients and how best to flatter them while also creating a theme or mood around their session’s concept. We can help you choose the outfits that will flatter your body and make you feel like a million bucks in your final images.


A professional photographer that values clients will give a full experience to their seniors, not just images to post. In my own senior experience, I send emails to my clients prior to the session packed with lots of preparation for the session. I also offer professional hair and makeup so you can get pampered on the shoot day. I offer a Client Closet to my seniors so they can come in and wear things that we know will photograph well. Plus it can help save some money.

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Coming from the DIY queen, I know what it feels like to want to DIY just about anything……But you’re only a senior once, so take advantage of this memorable year. Trust the pros for your senior photos. Trying to DIY your senior photos will most likely leave you a bit stressed out, frustrated, and feeling a little like you missed out on an important part of your senior year.

Thanks to all the amazing seniors who have supported my business. I can’t wait to meet all the future seniors. If you are not following me on social yet, I would love to see you there. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

5 reasons to hire a professional senior photographer

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